Tara Sandroni Hirshberg and Kristin Rey are pleased to announce the formation of Grant for New Projects (GNP). Grant for New Projects is a non-profit, charitable entity that provides funding for curators and emerging artists to produce contemporary art projects. In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to support the arts in new and creative ways. To this end, co-directors Kristin Rey and Tara Sandroni Hirshberg will oversee and manage the distribution of several grants throughout the calendar year. With the help of a rotating board of directors consisting of curators and established artists, projects will be produced and exhibited at public venues throughout the country.

The Goal

Through innovative cooperation with galleries, artists, curators, museums and corporate sponsors, Grant for New Projects will encourage and fund the creation of vital contemporary art and help to sustain, promote and strengthen the legacy of contemporary art that is essential for our community. GNP is focused on our artistic gross national product. The goal for GNP is to provide extra support for the arts at a moment when it is much needed,


Tara Sandroni Hirshberg and Kristin Rey are the managing directors of GNP. They are currently, and will continue to be, the directors and owners of Sandroni Rey Gallery in Los Angeles, which is entering its eleventh year. There is no financial crossover between the two entities. Together with Hirshberg and Rey, the Grant for New Projects board will include one permanent member from the underwriting foundation and rotating board members that will change with each project.

Institutional Cooperation

GNP will not only assist curators and emerging artists to produce work but will ensure that those works are seen by a large audience. In order to best realize these goals, exhibiting work in public venues is essential. Partnering institutions will nominate members to serve on the board through the completion of the project. In return, the institution receives a fully funded exhibition supported by their curators as well as a relationship with the private or corporate sponsor.


Grant for New Projects is registered for 501(c)3 status and all donations are tax deductible. Private sponsors can fund multiple, single or partial projects which will be shown in public venues, ensuring visibility by a large audience. All press and accompanying exhibition material will prominently highlight the role of the sponsor. GNP is being underwritten by a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous allowing all press and recognition to go directly to the sponsors. The foundation will support the grant’s operational costs as well as match all contributions.

Sponsorship Levels

GNP’s entry level corporate sponsorship is $25,000. Artists working at this level are often hit the hardest by contracting art funding. A grant of this size can fund the studio production of an emerging artist for an entire year in many cases. GNP will produce several projects that can be produced within this budget over the course of a year.

Contributions of this size are absolutely essential. For corporate sponsors desiring a significant branding presence in the art world, GNP can work with them at any level. Through GNP’s established press relationships and support, GNP ensures corporate sponsors a strong public presence at the highest levels of the art world. The scope of the opportunity is limited only by the potential sponsor’s resources and desire.

The Opportunity

The structure of GNP is unique. The desire for the funding foundation to remain anonymous and their gracious commitment to match all incoming funds allows Grant for New Projects to service twice the amount of projects as there are sponsors while giving those sponsors all of the press and branding opportunities that follow.

GNP is an opportunity to do a lot for a little.

Our artistic gnp is as important as our economic one.



Yanai Toister has been named the recipient of the 2008 Constantiner Photography Award
for an Israeli artist by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.

iona rozeal brown has been named as one the 2007 Joan Mitchell Foundation grant recipients.
Award winners are recognized for outstanding artistic merit.

iona rozeal brown has been named as one of the 2007 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation
grant recipients. Award winners are emerging American artists and are selected from nominees
proposed by the Foundation's trustees, previous recipients, artists, critics, and museum
professionals throughout the United States.


Chloe Piene

Chloe Piene will be participating in an upcoming group exhibition at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman
University in Orange, CA entitlted, "In Love with Night" running from September 8 - October 9, 2009. The
exhibition will be curated by Max King and Ciara Ennis.

Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea will be exhibited in an upcoming group exhibition at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
entitled "Family Traces" opening July 24, 2009.

Soo Kim

Soo Kim's work will be included in Contemporary Urban Panoramas: Los Angeles, New York, Reykjavík
at the Getty Center, Los Angeles, February 2–June 6, 2010. Highlighting images by three living
photographers—each of whom implements a panoramic viewpoint to examine a specific urban
environment—this exhibition explores the essential rhythms of three cities while showing the range of
technologies used by photographic artists today.

iona rozeal brown

iona rozeal brown will be exhibited in an upcoming traveling solo exhibition beginning in January, 2010.
The exhibition will premier at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, in Cleveland, OH.

John Espinosa

John Espinosa will be featured in LatinoLatino on exhibit at the Palzzo della Vicaria, Rome, Italy